Season 3 episodes

Season 3 took the team to Shamwari Game Reserve in November. The birds were in full flight during the breeding season and we were there, armed with long lenses, to capture them. Look out for gorgeous long-tailed birds as well as the Blue Crane, South Africa’s national bird.
Finding cheetahs was an incredible moment in this season, but it’s not all about the big cats. The African Land Snail was a surprise episode, and look out for all the unexpected uses for the thorny  Aloe. In this season Tony literally gets chased up a tree in the Warthog episode, and in “Ostrich” Tony tries to disguise himself as an ostrich to get close to their nest.

Twelve episodes were produced in the third Bush Hacking series. They can be viewed in any order. Select an item below or from the dropdown list to watch an episode.

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